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  • That’s a far better option for the environment. I can’t speak on the privacy aspect since who knows what your bus system does.

    Yes that’s true, especially since half of our city’s fleet is now electric.

    The bus is great and I usually like it, especially since I don’t like driving so much. But here’s the thing: I’m getting older, and it’s getting more and more tiring to change buses and wait outside in the dead of winter when it’s zero degrees out, and doing a 50-minute commute that only takes 20 minutes by car. I’m all for the environment, but my creaky gen-X frame is starting to complain about my lifestyle. I’m not lazy and I try my best, but I just don’t have the stamina anymore.

    In the winter, I find myself using my old diesel more and more out of sheer tiredness, and I’d rather not: that thing is all shades of terrible environmentally in the cold and it’s not good for the engine anyway. And now with my employer essentially offering free electricity, it’s really tempting to buy an EV, at least for the winter months.

  • open source wasn’t really a thing in the 90s and early 2000s

    Truly written as someone who wasn’t alive back then and just makes stuff up.

    Open-source - which was called free software back then - was very much alive and totally a thing since forever, and especially in the 70s, 80s and 90s. I learned all I know with free software in the 80s. Linux came out in 91 and was a pure product of open source: Minix - the forerunner of Linux - was a fully open-source OS created in 87, and GNU had been around since 83.

    Please read up on things you don’t know before posting nonsense.