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  • There’s an economic network behind console: contrary to PC (which is more an abstract concept that no one owns) you can find console in your local general store: these stores put Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo brands/logo all around without the need for these three companies to directly pay them (PC/Notebook strictly places for general and office purpose). Before the ecommerce got the point is today, these stores putting free console advertising made a big difference. PC gaming industry was fragmented, also the main player in the PC sphere (Microsoft) had their own console which, due to conflict of interest, damped the huge storm of the PC gaming industry. The only company I am aware of, that consistently work in favor of PC gaming was Valve. But they were a digital store and had not much interest in the physical presence in general stores until SteamMachine/SteamController/SteamDeck

  • For indie developer you got itch.io… then the void.

    How this is Valve fault? You can’t blame a company in both direction for the same argument, you have to pick a side for your criticism.

    Valve was accused to allow all sort of shovelware by indie developers… then you got the competition like GoG that say: " sure, we will have store curation: we will give indie developers the discipline that Valve won’t "

    How things gone for GoG in the indie sphere? You remember any indie recently booming on GoG… Because surely can name few on both Steam and itch.io.

    There are different types of monopoly: the one that attempt Epic by using bribe money just so everyone come to their Battle Royale… and one you get because all the companies around you ignore what customers and business (indie Dev) wants: a democratic platform like itch.io (in which Valve is closer with its approach)

  • You can find a decent web browser on… basically anything: cheap smartphone, cheap smart TV (even non android/apple ones) and… Well, basically anything but Sony. Also Sony is the company that leaked customers private data. They are just incompetent.

    But the omission for a web browser count more on the fact that you can play webgl videogames for free (instead spending on their store) than any security concern they may have (force customers to make PSN accounts after they were repeatedly breached is tell-tale about their security concerns)

  • The PS5 doesn’t have a web browser. What CPU+GPU Sony makes you pay for the PS5? Well, if your PS5 is turn on and you want to check a web page, you’d better take a cheap android phone out (heck, a old blackberry would do) so you can check the website you want to… because your PS5 can’t.

    Sony, simply, live in another universe… they still have pockets to buy game studios and bribe exclusive in our dimension, but they simply don’t actually exist in our reality. That’s all I can think about Sony and their commercial practice: they take money from our reality (fewer and fewer each year), but they have no idea why.

  • You tell people to not use AI, and some may agree with you.

    You tell companies to not use AI, they laugh at you and they keep make even big money thank to the added margin made by those poor fellow that aren’t using AI… because they did listen to you.

    AI is not something is gonna vanish, it’s a tool… a whole new category of tools and instruments. Like the first electric musical instruments in times when the only way to have a sustained job in the music industry was to work in a orchestral band kept up by bigger institutions.

    How many unplugged classical indie music artists do you know? Compare to the number of indie music artist that rely on electric musical instrument and beyond.

  • There’s a treat for you. If you’re using mobile Firefox on the loaded archive.org page there’s should be a small icon [a square with 3 lines, resemble a written page] on the input url address. If you click it you get a very special page with just the article text tailored perfectly to your screen… with few added benefit: no ads, if your smartphone is set to dark mode, the content will tuned so, no java to track your mouse position (needed for advertiser) etc.

    Pages recorded with archive.org will always work with Firefox’s reader view (somewebsite are catching up and blocking this mode). Basically you get the best of… nearly everything.

    (on desktop it’s [ctrl][alt][r])

    Can we not link archives in post link section? If you access from Europe you get a “cookie wall” (which I don’t think it’s EU compliant): basically give you three options:

    1. accept all the advertsment cookies form… basically everyone (ads company, google, fb… anyway to sell your data)
    2. pay subscription
    3. get the hell out.

    …basically a troll fine on the top of the bridge.

    anyway, on the archive.org saved page you also get the online address too.

  • I think the “Microsoft dilemma” is between Making Some Money vs. Take All The Money.

    If they publish a bunch of successful games on Steam or on Playstation, they will make Some Money, compared to games published exclusive to Xbox, where they can make All The Money.

    By acquiring studios they are making sure that good franchises “don’t make all the money… yet” (on competing platform like Steam, Playstation or Switch, but also Android/iOS)

    They could make good games exclusive for Xbox, but given how relatively unsuccessful is the Xbox platform, compared to Switch and Playstation, it would mean that very expensive (to make) games will bleed money