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  • Asked if the men in the water had shown any signs of hostility toward Israeli forces, he told CBS News: “They were fishermen. They were fishing.”

    When asked about the incident, which Elder first reported in an Instagram post, the Israel Defense Forces asked for an exact location and said it was looking into the claim.

    Another day, another war crime. I can’t imagine the anger and helplessness these families must feel, seeing these assholes kill their loved ones for no reason other than their genocidal hatred and enjoyment of killing.

  • Bike Index tried to get Meta—then Facebook—to remove Constru-Bikes’ Facebook pages. The efforts hit a brick wall. The company directed Bike Index to click a button to report criminal behavior—“which does nothing,” said Hance. “We clicked it dozens of times,” he told me. “It’s like the button at the crosswalk.” He finally reached an engineer (and cyclist) at the company who said they’d relayed Hance’s concerns to a team that deals with such issues. The reply: The team is focused on other issues, and “there wasn’t much that could be done,” Hance relayed to me. “There’s just nobody at the helm, just nobody fucking driving the bus,” Hance said. (In an email, Meta told WIRED that it prohibits the selling or buying of stolen goods on Facebook and Instagram, and encourages people to report such activity—as Hance has done repeatedly—to the company and the police. The Constru-Bikes pages were still online as of press time.)

    Well look at that, Facebook makes money from knowingly helping to sell stolen goods.

  • I think the main take on this is to learn the lesson that it is not safe to install random software you come across online. Is this lesson new, though?

    I think people often have a vaguely formed assumption that plugins are somehow sandboxed and less dangerous. But that all depends on the software hosting the plugin. There was a recent issue with a KDE theme wiping a user’s files which brought this to light. We can’t assume plugins or themes are any less dangerous than random executables.