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  • Well, no. I’m fearful of parachute jumps. I know they are 99% safe.

    Right, and do you feel fear about parachute jumps or do you avoid them because you’re smart and don’t engage in such behavior?

    There is an element of environmental influence in autism (risk factors linked to various chemicals) that doesn’t exist in sexuality.

    You’d be surprised.

    Theorizing the Gay Frog Hannah Boast Environmental Humanities (2022) 14 (3): 661–679.

    A whole lot of fear now about “chemicals”, especially microplastics and PFAS, is tied to this fear of tainted blood that’s popular among conservatives. It’s incorrect, of course, even with plastics… the ones messing with hormones aren’t those. You’ll see this discourse firstly tied to sperm counts, then it gets into fertility and queerness.

    The people trying to “fix” people who are autistic are the same ones who are trying to “fix” gay people. Same conversion therapy torture too.

    The Venn diagram may overlap but I don’t think they are the same. There is lots of left wing distrust of anything big pharma related, and things like the Tuskegee experiment didn’t help.

    This is bullshit enlightened centrism. The myth of the “hippie leftist” was demolished thanks to the COVID pandemic, as we’ve seen these supposed leftists becoming fascists.

    This is well documented in this podcast and book:

    Drop the easy tropes.