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  • With streaming you can watch what you want and not the “ehh, there’s nothing else on” shows. Studios are still making those low effort, watch because you have to if you want to watch anything at all shows, and maybe it’s a feeling of not being in a target audience but they are mostly that these days. Maybe even more so than before, because the studios now don’t have a reasonable expectation that people are just gonna watch it because it is on.

    They have a pseudo incentive to produce a higher amount of cheap lazy garbage to flood the market with something, anything, that might grab attention and become a hit, whereupon they might invest more into it. They’ve really been lowering the bar, over and over, and as the bar lowers more and more people aren’t stupid enough to follow along and just watch whatever. Why watch modern garbage when there are yesteryear classics that were made with passion, at least enough to veneer over the ever-present profit incentive.

  • hmm, I suppose, but I do not like that. More often than not people are inclusive in hate but exclusive in praise. I understand ya, but I did specifically say homosexual to disambiguate. It’s a fairly common misconception that trans people are just gay people who want to deceive straight people. Being trans, however, is not connected to sexuality, it’s identity. I would have identified as a mostly straight d00d before transitioning, with a bit of pan-curiosity, now I’m solidly pan, somewhat more attracted to men.

    TLDR: trans is not gay, but it’s kinda gay, and I’m double gay.

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    If it brings more people and support to the linux ecosystem I say sure, go for it. If more people start using linux, even a corpo version, over windows, doing a “side-grade” is more palatable than a change as severe for most people going from Windows to a FOSS linux, even if it is still unlikely for the non-technically inclined. It may also improve product/software support for linux in general, meaning everyone using linux already would benefit from a mainstream distro existing.

    Assuming of course it isn’t a total trainwreck that tarnishes the reputation of linux, but even then, would broaden the awareness and discourse for linux so maybe not all bad regardless.

    My 2 cents anyways.